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Zenith Networks is proud to bring our customers an extensive array of network and security integration experience, representing only the best in network manufacturers.

We are committed to providing superior quality enterprise IT engineering services to our customers. We believe every customer deserves world-class support, and we deliver on our promise!

Our engineers have a wide range of high-level certifications related to our manufacturer partnerships. Also, Zenith Networks engineering talent are known experts in the field - having taught TCP/IP, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks and Cisco Systems certified courses for over 15 years!

We welcome the opportunity to serve your needs regarding TCP/IP and security engineering, installation, configuration and troubleshooting all of your network needs.

Thomas A. Stuart
Founder / CTO
Zenith Networks


Thomas A. Stuart Profile:

Our clients say...

“Zenith is the only computer network support company that has actually helped us grow rather than hold us back. Before Zenith, we had many expensive experiences with other companies. We now finally have a server and networking system that actually work! We highly recommend Zenith for all of your computer network needs.”

Josh Klein, Malvern, PA

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