Today’s networks are constantly being stressed as corporate applications, technology and services continue to expand. A network needs to scale, be responsive and resilient, while not requiring fork-lift upgrades. Zenith Networks, with 25 years of extensive network engineering experience, is prepared to partner with you and provide the network design, configuration and support that you require.

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Security breaches continue to impact businesses across all sectors, resulting in compromised resources. That translates to downtime and lost revenues. The Zenith Networks Security Council provides support, design and solutions to protect your organization.

The Security Council team members are certified professionals with a combined experience of almost 60 years! Team members bring our customers an abundance of experiences, providing in-depth expertise and creative solutions for your enterprise.


Thomas Stuart is President and CTO of Zenith Networks; a Philadelphia, PA based Network Integration Company. Tom has 30+ years experience in the data networking and IT security industry, holding various engineering and management positions within the private and non-profit sectors.

Tom continues to lecture throughout the world on security and networking solutions. Over the years, Tom has worked extensively with network firewalls, routers and switches, configuring protocols, securing the environment and training network and security engineers worldwide.

Tom holds several security and networking certifications including: Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer 5.1; Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Training Engineer; Juniper Networks Certified Instructor; Juniper Networks Certified Internetwork Specialist; Juniper Networks Certified Internetwork Associate

Tom is a proud graduate of Temple University and holds degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science.


Security threats to your valuable information continue to rise each year. Zenith Networks has the skills and experience to protect the electronic resources of your organization while you can focus on running your business. We can analyze and customize the network security needs of your organization. Zenith Networks will provide a certified security engineer to assess, recommend, design and configure your security components.

  • Firewall configuration and deployment
  • Web Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Forensic Analysis
  • PCI Compliance
  • Compliance and Regulation Auditing
  • WAN Optimization
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Malware and AV detection services
  • Application Security
  • Security Reporting and Compliance
  • Traffic-Shaping


It’s essential for your organization’s network infrastructure to operate at peak performance in order to meet your business objectives. Zenith Networks engineering services will insure that your network is dependable, quick and flexible within a multi-protocol and multi-vendor environment. Zenith Networks is highly qualified to handle complex network architectures and critical applications. Configuration, design, network upgrades and migrations, test plans, and troubleshooting….. Zenith is prepared to successfully guide your organization through the myriad of network engineering challenges.


  • IPV6 Engineering
  • VLAN – 802.1Q Trunking – Q in Q VLAN Tunneling
  • VRRP – Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
  • LAN – WAN
  • PIM – IGMP – MLD
  • Switching Protocols
  • COS – QOS
  • Traffic Steering – Load Balancing


Zenith Networks is proud to partner with Aerohive Networks and together we offer you a very cost effective and management friendly wireless solution for your organization.

WiFi communications has quickly evolved into a critical business component. This, coupled with ongoing WiFi technology advances, increasing numbers of hand-held devices and WiFi security and management challenges, has resulted in organizations needing to continuously evaluate their WiFi infrastructure.

Zenith Engineers and Consultants have the knowledge, experience and commitment to survey, design, configure and install the right solution for your environment!

  • Site Surveys and RF Engineering
  • WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention system)
  • Identity based access control
  • RF analysis
  • Guest Access
  • Rouge device management
  • Bonjour Gateway Connectivity
  • Authentication
  • AP installation

IPV6 Design and Implementation

The IPV6 protocol has arrived and while numerous organizations have deployed IPV6, others are actively planning to implement this next generation protocol. The IPV6 protocol presents challenges to network devices, servers, desktops, client operating systems, applications and many other components. Our trained engineers are highly qualified and have extensive experience with this advanced protocol. We have an IPV6 lab and the ability to test functionality and behavior against different network technologies and operating systems. Also, our engineers have taught training courses on IPV6 to various organizations. So rely on Zenith Networks…your IPV6 expert.


  • Design and Operation
  • Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Desktop OS Configuration
  • Migration Strategies and Implementation
  • Subnet Design and IPV6 Summarization
  • Staff Training
  • Protocol Analysis

Cabling Plant and IDF/MDF Design

Often one of the most overlooked technology areas, yet arguably one of the most critical… your cabling plant. Server farms, Network Protocols, Applications, VOIP, and many other services all run atop your cabling, and so it is paramount to have a industry standard, and structured yet flexible physical layer 1 medium. Please consider the services below as it relates to your organization.

  • Cabling installation and certification testing.
  • Outside direct buried cabling.
  • IDF/MDF design and construction.
  • Fiber optic installation and splicing services.
  • Complete campus-wide design and cabling.
  • Telco rack, LIU, Patch Panel installation.